Search What's Trending On Facebook With Booshaka

Facebook offers a simple search portal that allows you to search a keyword for public mentions on the network. Booshaka is taking Facebook search and adding a few bells and whistles to allow users to segment search by topic and provide trending topics around what people on Facebook are talking about.

So on Booshaka, you can segment search by topics, such as music, sports and politics. For the topics, Booshaks indexes popular Facebook pages, semantically organizes them, and then ranks their posts according to its proprietary PostRank algorithm. PostRank is based the popularity, buzz and recency of a post; the number of likes and comments of a post; how popular something is in relation to the poster’s social media reach and the recency of a post. Of course, you can also do a regular search on Booshaka, which returns the same results as a search under ‘everyone’ on Facebook’s own search portal.

Of course there are other search portals that index Facebook content, such as OneRiot and OpenFacebookSearch. While we don’t expect Booshaka to replace Facebook’s search portal any time soon, it does provide another layer and additional context for search results that could be useful.