Google Launches Chrome-To-Phone Extension To Link Chrome With Android

Today at its press event in San Francisco, Google has just announced that it is officially releasing Chrome-To-Phone, a Chrome Extension it showed off as a preview at Google IO. The extension allows you to take a page you’re currently viewing on your web browser and send it to your Android 2.2 device — if you’re looking at a map and want it on your phone, you can just click the ‘Chrome to Phone’ button in your browser, and your phone will immediately open that map in the Maps application. You can download the extension here.

Other possible uses for the extension: if you’re looking at a webpage and want to continue reading it on your phone, just click the button in your browser. And, if you come across a phone number on the web that you’d like to call, you can send that directly to your phone to automatically launch the dialer (no more typos when you’re trying to place a call).

The extension is open sourced. Google Engineering Manager Dave Burke says that he built this feature his 20% time.