Apparently Satisfied, Lane Becker Steps Down As Get Satisfaction President

Get Satisfaction has a goal of satisfying users of various services across the web by connecting them with people who actually work for those services. But are they themselves satisfied? Yes, according to co-founder Lane Becker. Though you’ll forgive our slight skepticism as Becker is saying that on his way out the door.

Becker, who co-founded the service alongside Thor and Amy Muller, has stepped down as President of the company, we’ve learned and confirmed with Becker. Becker says that the move is “all good and positive” and notes that the reason for the move is that the company is “doing well enough that i can afford to take a break.

He says he has no plans for what he’ll do next just yet.

When asked who will replace him as President of the company, Becker says that no one is and joked that’s because he is “irreplaceable.” But he reiterated that the strong management team they’ve built out is one of the reasons why he feels okay stepping back.

That team includes CEO Wendy Lea who took over for co-founder Thor Muller in early 2009 (Muller stepped into the CTO role). The service raised a new round of funding earlier this year that likely totaled between $2 and $3 million, so they should be doing fine money-wise.

Still there’s some concern out there that Google or even Twitter (a longtime Get Satisfaction user) or Quora might step in to compete with the company. Speaking of Quora, there seems to be some discontent among users and potential clients of Get Satisfaction there — some pricing changes earlier this year likely didn’t help that.

So we’ll believe Becker for now that everything is just fine and he just wants to take a break. But someone feel free to raise this question in Get Satisfaction.