Carmack Not Interested In Motion Controllers (For Now, At Least)

All of us here are totally geeking out over every single word that comes out of John Carmack’s mouth at the keynote address at this year’s QuakeCon, but one of the more interesting things he said had to do with motion controls like the Kinect and PlayStation Move. In short, he has no interest in them right now. Oh snap.

Speaking about input devices and the wider consumer electronics industry, Carmack said:

I don’t have any great thoughts on input, where the push is now all the motion-sensing things. People always ask us how we’re going to wind up using that, and the truth is that if you’ve got a game that’s finely tuned to one input device it’s not going to come out and be magically be better with a different one.

In other words, don’t expect to see id Software whip up a PlayStation Move version of Doom.

For now, that is. Carmack didn’t rule out the possibility of experimenting with motion control, but at this moment in time it’s not something that his games would benefit from.

Make of that what you will.