Snoop's Upside Foursquare's Head — There Goes The Neighborhood?

Those of us who have been on Twitter for several years remember the good old days fondly. Things were nice and quiet back then. There was no @aplusk, no @britneyspears. Oprah’s arrival was a couple years out. Instead, it was a service that early-adopter geeks used to follow one another. You know, like Foursquare is today.

As we all know, Foursquare is now growing at a rapid pace. That said, it’s still a relatively small social network and a lot of people have no idea why they’d ever want to use it. Of course, that’s the same thing that was said about Twitter back in the day, and Facebook before that, etc. But a tweet sent by Snoop Dogg today indicates the tide may be starting to shift in a more mainstream direction for the service.

Who got a foursquare?!?!,” Snoop tweeted a few minutes ago. I’m going to assume he doesn’t mean the actual childhood game.

Uh, oh.

According to this list by Osnapz, the most-followed people on Foursquare are all big brands like Bravo. Noticeably absent are any Hollywood celebrities. Of course, given that they have to accept you as a follower — and that would mean you knowing where they actually are, would any of them actually want to do that? If Snoop’s tweet is any indication, maybe.

(Also remember that Foursquare has a “Celebrity Mode” to allow users to follow famous people but not see their actual check-ins — unless they specifically broadcast it to all. You can still see their tips though.)

Might this be the first warning shot of a massive Hollywood Foursquare influx?