Man Sends Apple A Proof Of Life In Attempt To Get iPhone 4 Case Refund

It seems that Apple’s iPhone 4 case refund policy isn’t quite as cut and dry as they initially made it seem. A number of people have written us recently to say Apple has rejected their request for a case reimbursement. And most of those people are obviously very unhappy about it. But Jordan Linville has taken the most interesting approach in following-up with Apple about it.

Linville has sent Apple’s Rebate Center a humorous email response (below) to the rejection letter he received. Attached to it, he included two photos. One features his iPhone 4, his iPhone 4 case, and a copy of the Wall Street Journal as proof of the date. The other shows Linville himself dressed as a terrorist (or bandit, hard to tell) holding up all of the said items. Yes, it’s a proof of life.

Why is Linville sending Apple these pictures? Because his rejection letter said the following:

Thank you for your recent Apple purchase.
After reviewing your Apple rebate claim submission XXXXXX received on 7/30/2010, we have determined that you do not qualify for our promotion for the following reason(s):

One or more of the products used to claim the rebate does not qualify, or

Our records indicate that the product was returned. If this was an exchange for another eligible product, please respond to this email with all receipt or web order numbers related to your transactions

If you have questions about the Terms and Conditions for this promotion, visit our website at
You may check the status of your other claims at

While we have to assume the actual problem is that the bumper Linville bought isn’t eligible for the reimbursement, the wording of that email is odd and confusing. And it has Linville sending his proof of life to prove he did not return the case. It’s also a little ridiculous that the case reimbursement doesn’t apply across the board. For example, at AT&T stores, you have to have bought an actual iPhone 4 bumper (the ones made by Apple) to get reimbursed.

Here’s the email Linville sent back to Apple alongside the pictures:

Apple Rebates,
I received the email below regarding my rebate claim submission XXXXXX for an Apple iPhone bumper.  The email below seems to indicate that either 1) the case is not eligible, or 2) I returned the bumper.  Since this case was purchased at the AT&T store, it should definitely be eligible.

I have not returned the bumper.  It’s very difficult to prove that you did NOT do something – it’s like having to prove that you did NOT have Cheerios for breakfast, or that you did NOT ever secretly wish Danny Tanner was your dad.  Apple has given me no documentation to refute.  So, I have attached pictures of my iPhone with the two bumpers purchased from the AT&T store and today’s Wall Street Journal.  This should prove that the case is still in my possession, and I will continue holding it against its will.

Please send me my $29 for the case that I need to protect me from the poorly engineered antenna that is wreaking havoc, dropping calls, and possibly causing cancer.

If Apple can’t come through with the reimbursement, maybe they can offer up Danny Tanner as a consolation prize.