Cristiano Ronaldo: The World's Most Popular Athlete (On Facebook)

Guess who’s the athlete with the most social network fans in the world. Go ahead, guess! OK, no more guessing: the answer is Cristiano Ronaldo. Good for him.

This, according to numbers on Facebook, compiled by Marca. Must be a slow news day in Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portugal and Real Madrid, um, forward (is he a forward or a winger? I can never make up my mind), has nearly 9.8 million fans on Facebook.

Leo Messi, the Argentina and Barcelona, um, forward (again, I could never nail down a position for Messi—he’s all over the pitch!), has 4.4 million fans.

Third place is the Swiss tennis star Roger Federer with 4.1 million fans.

The highest ranking athlete that the average American would recognize, Kobe Bryant, has 3.7 million fans.

What does this all mean? Eh, not much. I know Crisitano launched his new Facebook and Twitter stuff during the World Cup last month, so maybe he’s gotten a post-World Cup bounce.

At ease, friends.