• Intuit Buys Personal Finance Management App Cha-Ching

    Intuit Buys Personal Finance Management App Cha-Ching

    It looks like Intuit just acquired Cha-Ching, a Mac web app and iPhone app to help consumers manage their personal finance. According to the site of Midnight Apps, the developer of Cha-Ching, “The Cha-Ching team has merged with Intuit and will continue to provide you great design, useful features and incredible products as part of the Intuit Personal Finance Group.” See update… Read More

  • First Android Trojan Sends SMS Messages to "Premium Numbers"

    Have you ever wondered who SMSes porn and astrology lines at $9.99 per message? Your phone! A new Trojan for Android adds a small Android extension that sends SMS messages to “premium numbers,” charging the users a few dollars per message. Read More

  • Vending Machine Detects One's Sex And Age To Recommend Appropriate Drinks

    Last year, we’ve shown you Yahoo Japan’s digital signage system that scans passersbys to put up personalized content (ads, news, and other information). And today, railway operator JR EAST showed a very similar device that’s actually a mix between digital signage system and vending machine. Read More

  • It's Official: The Best Bosses Read TechCrunch!

    A young lady named Jennifer – the Internet is now hunting down her last name – sent a selection of thirty-three photos to her entire office of twenty people detailing why she’s quitting. Mostly it was because of a man named Spencer who called her a HPOA (go ahead and look it up or just look at the pictures) but you’ll note one important slide in her presentation. Read More

  • Verizon Finally Makes the Droid 2 Official, Launches Online Tomorrow

    Finally. The Droid 2 is finally official. Finally. Thank jebus. The Android 2.2 handset will be available from Verizon’s online store tomorrow and in VZW stores this Thursday. It carries a $199 price after a $100 MIR and of course requires a data plan. Care to wait a bit longer? A special edition R2-D2 version will be available sometime in September and comes with exclusive Star… Read More

  • Gogo and Groundlink's Partnership, Free Inflight Internet Deal

    Gogo Inflight Internet by Aircell and GroundLink’s LimoRes.com today announced a partnership and promotion to give air travelers free, inflight wifi. The way you get the freebie is pretty standard: while you’re flying access Gogo’s portal, look for the ground transportation link and book a limo from the airport in your destination city. Wait for a promotional code to arrive… Read More

  • IBM Acquires Data And Document Capture Software Company Datacap

    IBM has acquired Datacap, a company that provides a data and document capturing and processing software. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Datacap software automates image and data entry from a variety of documents and forms, including medical claims, tax returns and highly variable documents such as invoices and shipping documents for more precise business outcomes. Datacap extracts… Read More

  • Box.net Updates iPhone And iPad Apps With Offline Access, Android App On The Way

    Cloud-based storage and sharing application Box.net has focused on offering its content management system wherever the workforce is, whether that be in the office, or on a mobile device. The startup offers iPhone and iPad apps, that allow users to access, share and collaborate on the go. Today, Box is upgrading its iPhone and iPad apps with the ability to access content even without a Wifi… Read More

  • Medialets Lands $6 Million For Cross-Platform Mobile Ads And Analytics

    Medialets Lands $6 Million For Cross-Platform Mobile Ads And Analytics

    Mobile advertising company Medialets has raised $6 million in Series B funding led by the Foundry Group, with participation from DFJ Gotham, Dave McClure’s 500 Startups and Chris Saridakis. This brings Medialets’ total funding up to $10 million. Medialets launched in 2008 with Feedburner-like model of free developer tools except for mobile ad application analytics. But as the mobile… Read More

  • Private Buying Club Tagadas Wants To Be The British Vente-Privee For Parents

    Tagadas is a newly launched private buying club in the UK. Only unlike the more general designer offerings of Vente-Privee, Brands4friends and their various competitors, the London-based startup is attacking a more specific vertical: baby and children’s products from brands such as French Connection and Minihaha. It could also be seen as a British version of US-based Zulily.com, which… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Hip Pad Edition

    Bag Week Reviews: Timbuk2 Extra Credit Messenger
    Review: Orb Home Theater Speakers
    The Google Store, Now With A Fresh Supply Of Android Merchandise
    Just a Dr. Marten Limited Edition USB Drive
    Bag Week Review Blitz, Back To School Edition Read More

  • The Google Wave That Crashed

    The Google Wave That Crashed

    When I first heard the news that Google Wave was dead last week, I was surprised. I wasn’t surprised because it was a thriving, successful product (obviously, it wasn’t). I was surprised because of the gushing I heard about it from within Google leading up to and immediately following its introduction. To hear them tell it, this was the future. So I was obviously surprised that… Read More

  • Cousin Of Actor Playing Zuckerberg in Facebook Movie Works At Facebook

    Meet Eric Fisher, Product Designer at Facebook and Design Advisor at local search site Milo. Fisher also has the notable and somewhat awkward designation of being the first cousin of Jesse Eisenberg, the actor who plays his boss Mark Zuckerberg in the upcoming Aaron Sorkin movie The Social Network. Fisher, who has been at Facebook since February, says he and Eisenberg are pretty close and… Read More

  • Video Appears To Show Unreleased Samsung NX-100

    You may remember Samsung’s NX-10, a DSLR released during CES. There have been rumors floating around of a related camera, the NX100, but nobody has ever seen one except in one random shot, taken during what is presumed to be a commercial for the camera. But now, it appears that at the end of this little National Geographic/Samsung ad, there’s an NX-100 sitting there on the right. Read More

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