LearnBoost Launches Online Grading Platform, Hits 1K Users On GitHub

Grade management service LearnBoost, which recently received $975,000 in seed funding, made its first product available to the public today. Now, using LearnBoost’s free teacher gradebook and lesson plan software, teachers can manage their entire classroom with one account instead of having to have a separate lesson plan software account, an account for Google calendars, etc.

Learnboost’s freemium model is a boon for budget conscious school districts, and the company hopes to save schools 80% to 100% of their administrative software technology costs every year. A couple hundred teachers have already signed up for the web based gradebook since its soft launch yesterday.

What’s more interesting from a tech standpoint is that LearnBoost has also just surpassed 1,000 project followers on open source software collaboration platform GitHub, which is pretty impressive for an education company. Open sourcing its projects on GitHub allows LearnBoost to even more rapidly apply changing technologies to the learning process.

With its real time parent teacher collaboration features, use of the latest web standards HTML5 and CSS3, and the emphasis on open sourcing LearnBoost is one of the more innovative models in the education software space, which includes direct competitors Engrade, MyGradebook as well as social learning sites like Grockit and Knewton.