Verizon's Upcoming Phones Leaked, Droid Pro Coming Soon?

Verizon just had its entire roadmap leaked to BGR. Some standouts? The DROID Pro with a 1.3GHZ, a 4-inch screen, and global roaming with GSM support. Motorola will also release a phone with the style of a Q with keyboard but rocking Android 2.2.

Samsung will also be dropping a 7-inch tablet this year (actually probably in the next two months) on the Verizon network. The Samsung tablet has been been rumored for weeks but Motorola will also enter the tablet world along with a new version of Android, 3.0. This should hit in Feburary.

Otherwise you’re going to be seeing some nice LTE coverage across the nation which means faster data on more devices.

Generally, this sounds like someone sat through a Verizon presentation an dished to the Boy Genius, which is how most of these leaks come out. I would totally rock a Droid Pro, though, when it comes out. Worldwide service along with a nice Android install are just what I’ve been looking for.