Mobilegov wants you to forget your passwords

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Forgot your Facebook password recently ? How about Linkedin ? Twitter ? Having tons of overly complicated passwords to protect every last online account isn’t easy. Which is where Mobilegov comes in. The company based in Sophia-Anitpolis offers a solution that could really be appealing to companies and internet users -especially those who struggle every time they have to re-enter yet another login and password.

The company’s fingerprinting technology uses 2 criteria to identify users: habitual login information for each individual site as well as the device that they’re on. The first time users access the company’s newly rebranded portal,, they register their hardware and their login information for sites like Linkedin, Twitter, Yelp, Skype, etc. They can then access the various sites directly from the portal in the future from any of their registered devices (multiple device registration will be launched shortly) without having to re-enter their login information. The site also detects the geographical location of the user in order to provide optimum protection and service (language, targeted ads, etc.) and will soon provide an interface compliant with the major access control standards (OpenID, OATH, 3-D Secure).

Ok, this may not be bye bye @hackercroll but it’s definitely close. The 30-person company founded in 2004 also provides additional enterprise solutions using their patented technology.

Upnext: Mobilegov plans to go live in the US. But regardless, you can still register on and forget some of your passwords. :)

  • bruce wayne

    …..Can we please move to a world were “Companies” are not the “brokers” of our information….services like “mobigov” should not be “owned” by a “community” …

  • bruce wayne


    ..Can we please move to a world were “Companies” are not the “brokers” of our information….services like “mobigov” should be “owned” by a “community” …

  • Romain

    And where exactly are my credentials stored ? on mobigov cloud ??? and it’s supposed to be safe ? Let me laugh …
    And by the way, if their technology is based on hardware identification, they forgot that a lot of computers are still shared … Keepass is still far more useful and can be used with ANY sites.

    • fp

      Lastpass is a software solution, the Digital DNA is a hardware solution. Lastpass remains on the login and password everywhere so i have to continue to use those credentials and it remains a hassle for me!i should laugh as well, maybe!

  • Friso

    What about Lastpass and Lastpass Enterprise? That seems to be much saver and more flexible than this solution.

    • fp

      and how do you use your web SSO while using another computer cause you’re travelling? The Digital DNA when installed on my extranet, recognises immediately my iphone for example and gives me access to my Extranet or website or webmail and is much better in term of user’s experience..

    • fp

      Visit today the company behind The DIgital DNA at and see the entire technology and offer

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