Check-In For Swag At The New Foursquare Store

For any of you who haven’t earned a Foursquare mayorship yet, you can now buy a physical Mayor button at the newly launched Foursquare store today. The company is announcing a online storefront where you can buy t-shirts with Foursquare logos, buttons with badges and stickers.

The products are actually pretty cool, and range from a $5 pack of buttons to a $20 Mayor t-shirt. Badges for the buttons include Blue Mayor, I’m on a Boat, Douchebag, Photogenic and Groupie. You can also vote for which badge will be featured in a t-shirt next. According to the announcement, Foursquare also plans reward those who unlock badges with real-life swag.

While a swag store is not monumental news for Foursquare, it is definitely a way for loyal followers to express their love of the mobile social network. And t-shirts, buttons and stickers are a form of publicity for the startup. Foursquare is growing fast—the company recently crossed the 2 million member mark and reached 100 million check-ins.

Notably missing from swag are headbands with Foursquare badges-I’m hoping that’s the next addition to the store.