Bag Week Reviews: The Cocoon Soho 17, CMB402

Short version: A modest-priced messenger bag with average material quality and storage options. The bag itself is “okay” at best. The included Grid-It organizer, however, is sweet.


  • Holds up to a 17-inch notebook
  • Comes with a Grid-It pad
  • Water resistant
  • $99
  • Product page


  • Good amount of storage compartments
  • Durable material


  • Lacks style
  • Feels flimsy
  • Cheap and uncomfortable strap

This is going to be short because, honestly, there isn’t that much to like about the Cocoon Soho 17. It’s cheap. I guess the nylon-ish material will hold up fine, but the overall structure is about as solid as a plastic grocery sack. I don’t expect my computer bags to be rigid like a briefcase, but a little interior structure is comforting. This bag has very little, which actually says a lot about it.

There isn’t much padding to protect your notebook or support loose documents. Not a huge deal if your just toting around books, I guess, but seeing as there are plenty of other options that one-ups this one in the style department as well as construction, it’s hard to recommend it.

There is one saving grace: it comes with the Grid-It storage thing. Think of it as a semi-rigid board weaved with elastic bands to hold all your random gadgets and thumb drives. It’s incredibly useful, but thankfully it’s available all by itself starting at $14.99.

I hate disparaging products like this, but I have a pile of computer bags to review this week and the Soho 17 is the only ones I woudn’t buy. There’s your recommendation.

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