Zynga's Smashing Real World Mafia Wars Campaign

Aviary’s Michael Galpert noticed something rather interesting in the East Village area of New York City this morning — all of the cars in the area had their windows tagged with the decal above.

Of course, Zynga is promoting their new game crime-themed game, Mafia Wars Las Vegas. The decal reads: “A heist went down in your hood today. See it at MafiaWarsLV.com.”

From a bit of a distance it sort of looks like someone shot all these cars with a giant gun or threw a baseball through the window. The point is, a lot of people are looking to see what on Earth is going on with these cars. If nothing else, it’s great brand recognition.

Zynga has been doing a number of things recently to add to the viral effect of their games. For example, it’s hard to walk into any 7-Eleven now without seeing Farmville Slurpee cups. The social gaming company is smart to make these moves as Facebook has made it harder to virally spread on the network itself.

Let’s just hope these decals are easy to remove or we may have people going all Mafia Wars on Zynga itself.

[photo: @msg]