Zagat Wins Foursquare's Battle Of The Brands

At least according to the folks at custom badge site Osnapz, who have created a Foursquare brand leaderboard stack ranking the location based service’s many promiscuous partnerships in terms of follower count, with Zagat in the top slot at 48,136.

For the uninitiated, the leaderboard is a glimpse into some of the more obscure Foursquare brand tie-ins and badges, some of them holdovers from earlier campaigns like the “New York Times Olympics” badge, created especially for the Vancouver Olympics and now relegated to the badge deadpool.

Other surprises? The seven Bravo badges! At number two on the leaderboard, the cable channel’s offerings include “Bravo Newbie,” and show-related fare including “Top Chef,” “Looking For Love,” “Real Housewife” and “Hair Aware.” Surprisingly not a surprise? The existence of a Dora The Explorer brand tie-in, as well as the relative high prominence of social web savvy MTV at number four. And while you can “Spread Snooki” on the iPhone, there’s no Jersey Shore-related “The Situation” badge, as of yet. A girl can dream …

Screencap: Dennis Crowley/Flickr