Wipeout Goes Corrugated On This Cardboard Race Track

As a child of the 80’s, I spent more then my fair share of quarters on games like Contra, Wipeout, and Battlezone. In fact, at one point I actually owned my own Battlezone machine, and had it set up in my living room. Then I moved in with my future wife, and we suddenly didn’t have room for an arcade game in the living room, and I had to sell it. This is why when I see things like Wipeout set up using cardboard and an R/C car, I get a bit nostalgic. She made me get rid of my “Dogs playing poker” on black velvet too.

Of course, now that I have a bigger house, I might have to do something like the clever guys at sputnic.tv did, and build myself my own analog version of Wipeout. The two guys in question put together a rather clever translation of the old arcade game using an arcade cabinet, and R/C car, a wireless camera, and a track made of cardboard. The driver sits at the console, and then drives the car through the course on the screen. Quite clever really.

[via Technabob]