Video: Solar-powered Electric Bike

We’ve covered quite a few electric bikes over the last years, but this new model developed by a Japanese company called Hama Zero (no website) offers a new twist. Their “Solar Bike Fujin” is an electric bike that’s powered by electricity generated by an on-board solar panel. The bike can be used on public roads (at least in Japan) and boasts an assisted travel range of 220km on a single charge.

All you need is a home power socket, with Hama Zero saying one charge costs around $0.02 (if you use just solar power, there are obviously no costs involved at all). Powered by a 940W/h lithium-ion battery, the Fujin reaches a top speed of 72km/h.

The bike weighs 42kg, including the solar panel that’s placed in a box in the back.

This video, produced by our friends over at DigInfoNews in Tokyo, provides more insight: