Push Notifications Meet Dating: meetMoi NOW Alerts You When Matches Are Nearby

Launching today on the Android Platform is meetMoi NOW, a mobile dating app that alerts users when a match is nearby and lets the brave find a date on the spot.

What’s unique about meetMoi is that it weds geo-location and push with dating; You can download it from the Android Marketplace, login or use Facebook Connect, and then just walk around while it searches for potential beaus.

The app runs in the background persistently updating your location (when you choose) and then pushes matches to you when they are within 1 mile of wherever you are. When a suitable person is spotted their photo is pushed to your screen, with a 60 minute expiration time on the option to meet. If you both say “yes” then you have the option of chatting for 30 minutes and then meeting up in real life.

Says former SixDegrees founder and meetMoi NOW CEO Andrew Weinreich, “There’s lots of people into mobile dating, but nobody is saying ‘What is dating going to look like 10 years from now?'”

When asked about competitors, Weinreich responded that while traditional sites like Match.com and OkCupid (who both have mobile apps) are about browser pulling,  meetMoi is entirely push based. Weinreich’s philosophy is that people looking for dates should not have to sit at home browsing, “There is intelligence in the cloud and it should follow you wherever you want to be followed.”

The initial launch of the app, available today, is in beta; MeetMoi expects to add premium features like Yelp API integration in a future release. An iPhone app is also expected to be in the App store within the next four weeks.