New Site Renders Social Media Experts Obsolete

PR agencies and social media experts across the web, prepare to meet your match. This week sees the launch of, a website that can tell startups to “identify relevant and compelling hooks”, “humanise the brand by driving the audience conversations”, and combine a bevy of many other pleonastic words to forge taglines that are utterly and completely devoid of meaning. Free of charge.

The site works by jumbling a few verbs (facilitate, foster, leverage) and nouns (‘word of mouth’, buzz, ‘branded utilities’) into a sentence that sounds impressive but means absolutely nothing. It’s hilarious, but it’s also eerily accurate. Thousands of pitches have left me scarred to the point that this site actually makes my stomach churn. In all seriousness, if you took a few of these phrases, added a quote or two, and threw in one sentence of actual news, you’d have a pretty convincing press release.

The site is inspired by the similarly titled WhatTheFuckShouldIMakeForDinner. And, all kidding aside, we still love you PR firms.