Mobclix Index: Games Make Up 20 Percent Of iPad Applications, And More Statistics

Exclusive – Mobile ad exchange network operator Mobclix is kicking off a monthly series of infographics based on its analytics platform and advertising impressions served by the startup.

In particular, Mobclix will use the infographics to highlight trends and other findings about a variety of platforms, including Apple’s iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows Mobile 7.

The stats used for the infographics come from the total number of iPad ads served by Mobclix, which currently translates to some 300 million monthly impressions according to the company.

Here’s the first infographic for July 2010, which the company will introduce shortly:

Mobclix posits that out of the 295,488 iPhone apps currently available on the App Store, 284,989 apps were compatible on the iPad at the end of June 2010.

That’s close to 96.5 percent.

The startup adds that click-through rates for iPad apps are nearly 11 times higher when it concerns rich media video ads in comparison to standard display banner ads. Aside from better conversion rates for rich media advertising units, developers also stand to earn more from iPad apps that iPhone apps altogether: on average, iPad apps command eCPMs that can be up to five times higher than that of their smaller-screen counterparts, says Mobclix.

Out of 15,547 iPad-specific apps, the ‘Games’ category has a 20 percent share of the App Store at the end of June 2010.

Distimo, another app store analytics provider, says there were 20,798 iPad applications available at the end of July 2010, 4,903 of which were Games (roughly 23.5 percent).

It’s safe to say games are popular on the iPad either way (surprise!), whether they make up a fourth or a fifth of the total number of iPad-specific apps. Be that as it may, Distimo said over one third of iPad-only apps were games back in April, admittedly when the number of available apps at the time was still reasonably low.

Mobclix also claims engagement is much higher on the tablet device: the time spent by iPad users on their gaming apps is said to be three times higher (about 10 minutes more) than iPhone users on the same app.

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