Video: Can Plastic-replacing Foam Help Cut The Weight Of Cars By 50%?

Using foam for the production of vehicles (for automotive components) is hardly something new, but Japan-based “foam technology” company JSP (which is actually quite large and active globally) claims using foam instead of conventional plastic materials can help cut the weight of cars by as much as 50%.

First and foremost, lighter cars certainly raise safety issues, but a reduction in weight would also mean we get vehicles that require less gas. In the video below (shot by DigInfoNews during a recent technology exhibition in Tokyo), a GM of JSP pitches some of the most recent innovations of his company.

One of the most interesting prototypes is a composite panel car door, which is made of foam and plastic of vegetable origin. At 21kg, it’s 7kg lighter than a comparable steel panel door. Not quite 50% yet, but they might get there some day.

Here’s the video: