Soladigm Smart Window Maker Emerges From Stealth, Announces Plan To Build Plant In Mississippi

Smart window startup Soladigm announced today its plans to build a factory in Olive Branch, Mississippi. The Khosla Ventures and Sigma Partners backed company makes dynamic glass windows that can be tinted on demand to block excess light and heat.

Founded in 2007, Soladigm had been operating in “stealth mode.” The company employs about 50 people in its Milpitas, California headquarters, and plans to hire about 300 employees over the next few years for the Mississippi plant.

A $40 million loan and another $4 million in incentives from the state influenced Soladigm’s decision to locate operations in Mississippi. Soladigm pledged to invest $130 million by 2016 in its business there in order to receive the state’s full incentive package.

The new Soladigm plant’s proximity to Memphis transportation connections will also help the company quickly ship its glass panels.

According to the company, its tinted windows can eliminate the need for blinds and reduce building heating and cooling costs by up to 25%.