Users Say Google Is Not Blocked In China, Google Says Otherwise

According to Google’s Mainland China service availability page it looks like Google Web Search, Google Images and Google News are down in China, again. In fact, if you parse the chart it looks like just about the only thing still up is Gmail.

However reports on Twitter say otherwise, as many users claim that the service is working just fine. We also tested on Webpulse and received a big thumbs up in terms of availability.

Google search was similarly blocked in China last January, when the search giant pulled out of the country reportedly over its censorship policy. The service was reinstated earlier his month and it appeared that the relationship between the two behemoths had been mended.

According to Reuters, a Google spokesperson had no information as to whether the Chinese government or a third party was responsible for the block, perhaps because there actually is isn’t one ?

Chad Catacchio over at The Next Web writes that a server crash might actually responsible for the false alarm. Twitter user @nuibi backs up this theory.

We have contacted Google for official comment and will keep you posted if we have updates.