Facebook Celebrates People's Birthdays In A Special Way: "F*ck You B*tches"

TechCrunch reader Saul Lustgarten checks in to tell us he logged on to Facebook this morning and noticed that the list of his friends who are having their birthday today was preceded by a crude message, reading “fuck you bitches”.

Yeah right, we thought. I checked it out on my Facebook profile and didn’t notice anything off.

Then, I followed Saul’s suggestion of switching my main language to Spanish instead of English, and lo and behold (click for full-size image):

We’ve contacted Facebook to see if they really mean it or if their army of volunteer translators – there are two sides to that shiny crowdsourcing medal after all – or one of their coders simply decided to have some fun.

Update: sorry to disappoint, but it seems to be fixed now. But it was definitely there.