Five Reasons You Want To Come To The Social Currency CrunchUp Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Friday, is our fifth annual yearly blowout party at August Capital – the event I look forward to all year. Tickets to that event are long gone, but a handful are left for the all day conference we hold prior to the party, the Social Currency CrunchUp.

Here’s five reasons why you’ll want to attend:

1. Ron Conway and Paul Graham, the alpha deities of entrepreneurs, will kick things off at the ungodly hour of 9 am in the morning.

2. Playdom CEO John Pleasants is joining us for a special interview just days after he sold his company to Disney for $763.2 million. He promises to tell everyone in the audience how to build and sell a company for at least that much.

3. Chamillionaire will be on stage in the afternoon to explain how, after you sell your company for $763.2 million (see no.2 above), you can go on to dominate the hip hop scene and become famous as one of the most talented musicians of a generation.

4. You’ll then see a special demo of new search engine Blekko. Only 30 or so people in the world have used Blekko to date. Attendees will get access to the new service.

5. It’s the only damned way you can get into the party at August Capital at this point, and you definitely don’t want to be the person who just reads about it on Twitter the next day.

Yes, I know the CrunchUp is $300, and some of you aspiring entrepreneurs really need that $300 for food while you build your empires. So we’re going to give away four tickets to the event to the four people who leave the most believable comment below as to why this will change their lives, and they must attend. Also, if you can juggle really well, that’s a plus, and we’ll probably put you on stage between sessions. We’ll pick the winners at 5 pm California time.

Update: Ok, we’ve picked out the winners for the tickets, they will be receiving emails shortly.

Buy Tickets To The Social Currency CrunchUp Here.