It's As If The iPhone 4 Was Created For DailyBooth; Their App Will Prove It

Even if not everyone will admit it, everyone likes taking pictures of themselves. I suspect it’s the not-so-secret reason why users are addicted to DailyBooth — the service which asks you to take pictures of yourself (or something you care about) to document your life. With that in mind, it’s almost as if the iPhone 4, with its front-facing camera, was built for such a service. And now the two can consummate that match made in heaven.

DailyBooth’s first iPhone app has just been approved by Apple and is now in the App Store. It’s pretty basic — but that’s all it needs to be. You load it up and take a picture of yourself. And the app is smart enough to load the front-facing camera by default (assuming you have the iPhone 4 — but it can work with any iPhone running iOS 4). Yeah, this is going to be huge for DailyBooth.

As you might expect, the app also offers you a stream of the pictures from all the people you follow on the service. From here you can picture comment or text comment with one click. You can also see all your replies.

The one caveat about the app is that you have to already have a DailyBooth account to use it. That’s not a huge deal, but it’s something they hope to fix soon with a future release. For now, simply head to DailyBooth’s website to sign up for an account, then sign-in with the app.

And do it soon, because everyone you know with an iPhone is probably going to be using this app shortly, I imagine. As we noted when we first covered the company a year ago, the DailyBooth community is very impressive. The picture I just published just a few minutes ago already has about 20 comments — and most of these users don’t actually follow me. It’s fun — and I think it’s exactly the type of app Apple had in mind for the iPhone 4’s front-facing camera.

You can find the DailyBooth app, called appropriately, DailyBoothApp, here in the App Store. It’s a free download.