Rumor Has $350 PS3 Move Bundle Heading Our Way

When the Playstation Move was announced, we learned the basic prices: $50 per controller, $100 for a controller plus the Eye and a game, or $400 for a fully kitted-out PS3 with Eye, Move controller, and game all included. Seemed a decent deal, but they didn’t mention how much storage you’d be getting in the console package.

This is pretty important stuff, since if you want your PS3 to be your media player as well as game machine, you want as much space as you can get — and if they were planning on sticking you with a weak 80GB drive, the deal seemed a little less sweet.

But some more information on the bundles has been revealed by one of those many unnamed sources out there, and the $400 bundle is said to be packing a whopping 320GB of hard drive space. Really? That’s… really generous, if true.

The second reveal is that there may actually be a second console bundle for people who don’t really want to shell out for all those gigs — people who would prefer the 360 Arcade bundle, for instance, or SSD in a netbook. For these guys, there will be a $350 bundle with a 120GB drive inside, which isn’t bad at all. It would be available on September 19, with the other stuff.

It’s still a rumor at this point, though, so don’t go around demanding it from your local retailer. I’m guessing the source wouldn’t have said anything if this wasn’t about to be announced, so we’ll keep our ears to the ground for more info.

[via SlashGear]