Digg Vs. Reddit: The Infographic

There’s always been a form of healthy rivalry between Reddit and Digg, and its respective user bases. I’m one of those indifferent people who think there’s plenty of room for multiple sites of the kind, and that these sites actually make each other stronger and better in their state of co-existence. Rising tide lifting all boats and all that.

Nevertheless, I was keen on sharing an email from reader Harry Maugans, which we received moments ago:

I’ll be brief. We’ve spent the past two weeks recording every popular story to appear on Digg and Reddit (24 hours a day), and we’ve now compiled our results into an infographic that shows a pretty interesting comparison of the two sites.

Since Digg and Reddit have been in the news quite a bit recently (Digg 4.0 Alpha and Reddit Gold), I thought this might be interesting to your readers.

Well Harry, we happen to think so too (click the image for a larger version).

I’ll let the actual infographic do the rest of the talking: