Terrafugia’s flying car/rolling plane gets a design “update”

When the Transition, one of the world’s first flying cars intended for consumers, had its maiden flight, I suggested they could get the function down first, then make something cool-looking later. Yeah, not so much.

Terrafugia is showing off renders of the new design, and it looks more like a plane than anything, down the to strut-mounted wheels. It’s pretty ungainly, and while I feel like a cad for nay-saying a flying car, I just don’t see more than a hundred people buying these things. At this point it’s simply going to be too expensive, too weird, and too impractical.

That’s how all the cool technologies start out, of course, so while I may snipe at Terrafugia, I also salute them. Keep up the good work, guys (but make it cooler-looking).

[via CNET]