Don't Get Excited About Google's Mysterious Punch Just Yet

Earlier today Google Operating System noticed something odd in an official Google Docs demo video: an icon for an unreleased document editor called Google Punch. Numerous blogs have taken a stab at guessing what Google Punch may be (we initially speculated that it’s Google’s answer to Microsoft Publisher). But we’re hearing that it is something decidedly less exciting: Google Punch may just be a placeholder for a new version of an existing editor.

In other words, Google is testing a new version of Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, or one of its other existing apps, and just needed something to call it. So what exactly is this new editor going to feature? It’s possible that Google is working to integrate DocVerse, the service it acquired in March that allows users to collaborate on Microsoft Office files. The software will give Google a bridge between native Microsoft Office clients and Google Docs, which will be a big deal.  Or perhaps Punch could be the next version of Google’s Presentation app (note that the icons are quite similar).