EveryTrail Partners With Fodors And Others To Launch Interactive Travel Guides

EveryTrail, a GPS travel community and interactive trip sharing service, is releasing EveryTrail Guides, which are interactive travel itineraries available for purchase online or via EveryTrail’s iPhone app.

While there is a plethora of travel information online, it can be a challenge to keep this information organized and portable when traveling. EveryTrail’s Guides aim to solve that problem by partnering with travel content creators, such as Fodors, offer these customized travel guides to consumers than can be easily accessed from a mobile device.

EveryTrail Guides range from a beatnik walking tour through San Francisco’s North Beach, to family-friendly trips in Boston to the best outdoor adventures. Guides range fro $0.99 to $9.99 (which seems steep for an online guide). While EveryTrail has partnered with premium travel content creators for some guides, the site also allows anyone to publish and sell their guides through a marketplace. Users can vote and star guides, so fellow EveryTrail users gain insight into how valuable a guide will be for a destination. Publisher split revenue in half with EveryTrail.

EveryTrail, which just raised $1 million in funding late last year, launched to enable people to keep track of their trips, by uploading GPS files or geo-tracking their trails, and allows to them to accompany those with stories and geo-tagged photos. EveryTrail’s mobile apps allows you to geo-tag your trails and travels and the pictures you take along the way instantly and automatically. EveryTrail says members are sharing their trips on EveryTrail.com at a rate of 1,500 per day.

The company faces competition from NileGuide, which allows you to create custom itineraries and get local advice for free.