Razer's TRON mouse and keyboard get priced and semi-dated

The TRON gaming hardware we got exposed to at E3 are headed your way later this year, though you may be disappointed at the price. True TRON fanboys won’t buck at paying $150 for a keyboard and $100 for a mouse, but the average gamer might.

To be fair, the new $150 keyboard does look pretty sweet. The illumination is a little over-the-top, but I actually like the way they’ve separated the F-keys. And the detachable numpad, like we saw on the Sidewinder X6, is convenient for a lot of games. Looks like they’re missing a couple symbols above the numbers in that picture, though, what’s up with that? And no extra USB ports? Come on now.

The mouse is less exciting to me, probably because I think they’ve pretty much hit the end of the line with the Mamba. If you want a themed mouse, great, but $100 is a lot of money and while I’m sure this mouse is nice, I’m not sure it’s Benjamin nice. The side buttons look good, but I’m not digging the scroll wheel.

In any case, there’s no way to know for sure whether these things are worth the cash until I review them, which I am sure to do. More info at Razer if you can’t wait.

There’s also a new mousepad, but eh.