Qualcomm looking to sell off FLO TV

Qualcomm aren’t happy with their Mobile TV unit, FLO TV. The unit has cost them a whole heap of money to set up (in spectrum and hardware costs), and it’s proving difficult to build a brand and get the chipsets into devices. So, during their earnings call today, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs said that they have begun discussions with other companies regarding “alternatives” for the business.

This likely means that they want to sell the unit off to a company that either a) thinks they can build the brand and get the service running on enough devices to turn a profit, or b) wants the spectrum that would come with the deal for other purposes.

Spectrum space is in short supply these days, and an ISP looking for a way to get into or expand the broadband wireless market could see view the acquisition as a means to do so. If not, the company that purchases it may bundle the service with existing services like satellite radio for cars.

So the future of the technology is in the air right now, which kinda makes sense given that the number of mobile on-demand streaming video services (and capable devices) is only growing.

[via MocoNews]