Next step in 3D tech: Computer-synthesized holograms (video)

Our friends over at Tokyo-based DigInfoNews are calling it the “ultimate in 3D images”: computer-synthesized holograms. And in fact, the video they shot at Kansai University in Osaka shows some amazing tech a team of researchers led by Prof. Kyoji Matsushima is working on. In contrast to conventional holography, the researchers are not using real objects but rather CG images created in 3D.

And apparently, that’s not an easy task. The CG images must have a resolution of up to 128K x 64K (you read that right) in order to achieve good results, with Prof. Matsushima saying that a computer with 100GB of memory takes up to three days to process the data. The computer-synthesized holograms can be viewed in red only currently, but they already look pretty cool.

The video embedded below provides more insight into the production process. Attendees of SIGGRAPH 2010 (which starts in LA on Sunday) will be able to see the system live.