Kin of the Living Dead: Microsoft updates the Kin

The Kin One and Kin Two are about as dead as can be. 22 days after they hit the shelves, Microsoft stopped making them, and Verizon stopped selling them. All in all, it’s said that about 10,000 of these things managed to get into people’s pockets before the axe got dropped — but if you’re one of those 10,000: Surprise! You’ve got a software update waiting for you.

As much as we like to imagine that this is the work of some obsessed Kin engineer lurking around his team’s abandoned building, writing line after line of code in between passes of the security camera, that’s probably not the case. More likely: this was all sealed up before things got hairy, so they went ahead and pushed it out — the last beep before the Kin’s final flatline.

Either way, the update is pretty minor: it adds Twitter avatars to the KIN loop, allows you to link Twitter accounts to contacts, and just offers up better Twitter integration all around. In other words, it’s proooobably not something that would have saved the Kin from its near-immediate demise.

[Via WMPowerUser]