In Colombia, One Laptop Per Child is “The Most Wonderful Tool They Could Possibly Have” [Video]

In this week’s episode of Too Long; Didn’t Watch, we talk to Maureen Orth. An award winning journalist, Special Correspondent for Vanity Fair Magazine, former correspondent for NBC and author of two best-selling books, Orth’s career as a journalist spans four decades. Her passion though is education, specifically as founder of the Marina Orth Foundation which promotes advanced learning in technology and English at The Marina Orth School in Medellin, Colombia.

The school was the first in Colombia to participate in One Laptop per Child, a program that Orth credits with making a real difference to children studying in a region that was, until recently, better known for cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar. Joining us by Skype from Washington DC, Orth explains the benefits of One Laptop Per Child, responds to Valley-based critics of the program …and appeals for the Robert Scobles of the world to donate just a few of their many laptops to a thoughly worthwhile cause.

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