For kids, moms and dads: Panasonic to offer 3D glasses for the whole family

Panasonic not only announced two awesome 3D plasma TVs today, the company also introduced [JP] a new concept for 3D glasses. The three models are supposed to be the perfect fit for for every member in your family: size S is suitable for kids, M is for women and L is best for men (according to Panasonic).

Panasonic says that at 38g, the S-size model (TY-EW3D10W) is the lightest pair of 3D glasses out there (size: 165×168×40mm). The M-sized glasses (TY-EW3D2MW) are sized at 169×168×41mm and weigh 39g. The L model (TY-EW3D2L) weighs 40g and is sized at 173×168×42mm.

What’s new technically is that users will be able to charge the glasses via USB (see below). Just plug them into a USB port, charge them for two hours and they’re ready to be used for 30 hours continuously (no battery needed).

All models will cost $150 when they become available in Japan on August 27. Panasonic labels the previous 3D glasses in its line-up, the TY-EW3D10W (63g), as being “free size” (it will remain on sale).