ToneCheck Checks Your Tone Like A Spell Checker Checks Your Spelling

Ever sent or received an email that was just screaming to be misunderstood?

There’s a good chance you have, and if not it will happen some day – just trust me on that one. Unless …

Canadian startup Lymbix thinks it can help you avoid situations that come out of misinterpreted textual communication with the launch of a new service called ToneCheck.

Think of it as an emotional spell-check application.

Available today for Microsoft Outlook, with support for more desktop and Web-based email clients slated for the future, ToneCheck is supposedly capable of identifying the emotional definition of words and phrases in order to help end users improve the clarity of their communication.

The application gauges words and phrases against 8 levels of connotative feeling, enabling end users to make real-time corrections and adjust the overall tone of messages using a simple menu system. Text interpretation problems: solved. Provided you use Outlook, of course.

Any readers who still do, please be so kind to give ToneCheck a whirl and tell us if it sucks rocks stinks is worth its salt. At the very least, their graphics are quite amusing: