Leggy disk drive stands up to avoid spills

This is pretty cute, and may even be practical. The Floppy Legs drive is a design project by Chambers Judd with little legs that detect moisture and immediately stand the drive up — instead of voiding your warranty, like normal moisture detectors.


It’s part of a series exploring natural reactions as applied to technology — like this radio that “sneezes” to knock dust off its little transistors. They’re a bit jokey, but there’s a grain of truth there.

I mean, wouldn’t you feel safer if you knew there was a little mechanism (perhaps not so dramatic) in your $2000 laptop that just pushed it off the table a bit, closed the vents, and alerted you if it detected moisture? I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy. But I think they’re onto something here with the cross-breeding gadgets with natural behaviors.

[via Switched and Engadget]