iSkoot scoots into a partnership with T-Mobile, Kalaida now on over 100 handsets

In our tech-obsessed bubble, wherein we obsess over how many millions of iPhones have been sold or how many tens of thousands of apps are in the Android Market, it’s easy to forget something: not everyone carries a smartphone. A massive number of people, from soccer moms to Arrington, still carry their good ol’ trusty feature phone.

For the past few years, iSkoot has been ensuring that these people can stay just as connected to their social network as their smartphone-carrying compadres with Kalaida, a cloud-based social network aggregator which OEMs and carriers can pre-load onto handsets before they hit the selves. Today, iSkoot’s announcing a new partnership with T-Mobile — and that with this recent momentum, Kalaida can now be found on over 100 different handset models.

T-Mobile will be using Kalaida to power their “Social Buzz” application, which brings basic support for Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter to handsets like the Samsung “:)”, Gravity 3, LG Sentio, and the upcoming LG dLite.

This isn’t iSkoot’s first carrier partnership, by any means. Kalaida can be found powering Verizon’s Social Beat, AT&T’s Social Net, and O2’s Social Link in the UK. Managing to get one carrier to throw your wares onto a bunch of handsets is no small feat — but four major carriers? Consider us impressed.