Hello, Moshi. Call home.

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Hello, Moshi. Call home. Darn, no one’s answering. Jeebus, I sound like a total dork on the home answering machine. Hi honey. I’ll be a little late coming home tonight. Just wanted you to know. Okay bye! Hello, Moshi. Call office. Hi John. What? No, I’m in my car. Yes, I’m in my car. I’m talking to you from within my automobile. No, I can’t post about that right now because I’m in my car. Yes. Okay, fine, I’ll do it when I get there. Good bye. Oh man, why is John calling me back? Hello, Moshi. Ignore. HEY BUDDY WHERE’D YOU LEARN TO DRIVE? Sheesh. Hello, Moshi. Call voicemail.

Voice Control Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit by Moshi.

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