Google Set To Unveil New Look To Google Images

We’re here in San Francisco for a Google Search event. It’s not yet clear what this event will be about, but we know Marissa Mayer will be on hand to show off some new things. One of those things definitely looks to be a revamping of Google Images. Google has been bucket testing changes to the service over the past week or so.

The room we’re in has walls covered in a mural with large pictures. This matches some of the bucket test designs we’ve seen. Rather than show the meta data below images, it now appears that you can hover (or click) over an image to enlarge it and show the meta data.

In other words, yes, it looks more like Bing.

The event should be starting relatively shortly. Stay tuned for more.

Update: Here are the links for what Google had to say today:

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[thanks Roi]