HP files for “Palmpad” trademark

A short time ago, HP applied to the USPTO for a trademark. “Palmpad.” I can’t be the only one who just gets a good feeling from this.

We knew that HP was going to get their money’s worth from Palm when they nixed their Android plans and downplayed their Windows 7 tablet. While reports still have them making the latter in at least some form, statements from HP and Palm indicate that webOS is going to be the focus for HP’s portable computer business.

Like I said, I get a good feeling from this. The other “pad” devices, including the iPad, just don’t sound right — even with going on four million iPads in the wild, I still feel like that name is a compromise. “Palmpad,” though, that sounds right. Like something out of sci-fi in one way, but something you can get used to saying in another way. When you pair a great name with a great product that truly differs from the competition (here’s hoping), there really is a chance for success.

We know webOS is a solid foundation for a tablet, and we know there are smart software people at Palm and smart hardware people at HP. Their huge investment in this project suggests they understand its weight, and seeing the success of the iPad has allowed them to set their sights high. The timeline is pretty indistinct, but by shuttering Android and putting Windows 7 hardware on autopilot, I bet they can put something out in the first quarter of 2011. Of course, the next iPad will be looming then. Giddiyup, HP!

[via MyHPmini and PreCentral]