There's an app to plug the BP oil spill

Plug the BP oil spill is a free app for your iPhone that lets you use your finger to plug the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. “This makes fun of a bad situation but In a very funny way” reads the product description. It’s a free app, so it’s not like you’re trading hard-earned money for this drivel, but still: is this what we can continue to expect on our smartphones?

BP Oil spill is your opportunity to participate in water pollution elimination without much effort. Stop the oil leak with just one touch of your finger and save the flora and fauna within the World’s Oceans. It’s time to become a life-saver and show your courage!
Do not let animals die in the ocean due to oil spill occurring in their Stay concerned!

The app description reads like a Markov chain. The sacred Apple App Store at work, friends.

Oh, sure, the app lets you make donations to organizations aiding in the recovery effort. Here’s my advice: skip this app and just donate directly to the recovery organization of your choice. Help the folks who are actually applying their skills and labor to solve this very real problem.