Firefox Home For iPhone Approved, Lets You Sync Bookmarks, Open Tabs And More

Good news, iPhone toting Firefox fans. A few weeks ago Mozilla submitted a new application called ‘Firefox Home‘ to the App Store. No, this isn’t a new Firefox browser for iPhone (which would be blocked by Apple). Instead, it’s a syncing application that gives you access to all of your Firefox bookmarks, history, and even the tabs you have open on your PC’s Firefox browser.  Tapping on one of the links will open the page in iPhone’s Mobile Safari Browser.  In short, it’s a great addition for regular Firefox users.

Seeing Firefox on the App Store is still sure to raise a few eyebrows, but there was never much doubt that this would be approved (we predicted it would make it through the approval process just fine).  The application works using Firefox’s Sync add-on, which lets you upload your Firefox profile to the cloud.