TubeMogul Makes InPlay, Its Google Analytics For Video, Free

If you regularly put up video on the Web, you are going to love this. TubeMogul is making InPlay, its video player analytics, free now. InPlay is like Google Analytics for video. It charts all the views, embeds, completion rates, traffic sources, search terms, and stream quality of the videos you put up on your site or embed in players across the Web. InPlay works with a variety of video players, including Flash (Adobe’s OSMF), Brightcove, FlowPlayer, JWPlayer, and Kaltura. You can sign up here.

Just like with Google Analytics for Websites, InPlay lets video publishers see how their videos are doing at a glance. You can see fever charts of views over time, a list of top videos, geographic viewership on a map, rebuffering rates (which is a measure of the quality of the streaming experience), and even pie chart of which search terms are driving views. For example, above is a breakdown of where the most embedded views for our newly launched TechCrunch TV  came from over the past month.  TechCrunch accounts for 71 percent of embedded views, followed by (11.6 percent), Gizmodo (7.4 percent), 9to5mac (5.4 percet) and lifehacker (4.6 percent).

Our top three videos are Mike’s demo of the unreleased Google Voice Desktop app, the interview with Russian spy Anna Chapman, and our Anybot video where Mike takes control of a robot and runs over Jason’s foot. Our top cities are New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and London.

TechCrunch TV is still young and small, but there are some encouraging signs. Our viewers are more engaged than the average. The average viewing time is 2:54, which is longer than the 1:37 average for other Web media properties A full 62 percent of viewers watch for at last 60 seconds, which is a victory on the Web. Also We get 7.4 percent of our traffic from Facebook and Twitter, compared to 1.5 percent for the website of print publications.

Once you have this data at your fingertips it is pretty addictive, especially if you are a data junkie like me.