Shopkick Takes $15 Million From Greylock Partners – Reid Hoffman Loves This Company

Shopkick, a startup that’s focused on bridging the real world shopping experience with mobile, just closed a rather large $15 million round of funding from Greylock Partners. Partner Reid Hoffman, who is also an individual investor in the company, is already on the board of directors.

The company had previously raised $5 million from Hoffman and Kleiner Perkins Kaufield & Byers. Kleiner participated in this round of financing as well.

We first covered Shopkick a year ago when it was deep in stealth. In December 2009 they launched a mobile application that let people check in to certain retailers for points that could be used for donations to worthy causes.

But the “real” product of the company is yet to launch, says CEO Cyriac Roeding. It’s been promised sometime this summer.

I spoke to Hoffman about the company earlier today. He’s been a big believer in the team since it was in its earliest idea stage. This large financing round will let the company move through launch to, hopefully, its inflection point of growth without needed to raise more money.

This is a crowded space, but no one has won it yet. And now Shopkick has $15 million more to go for the win.