Hey Brian (Guy Behind iPhone Vs. EVO Videos), Paramount Wants To Talk!

Remember those awesome iPhone 4 versus EVO 4G videos? Hopefully you do, it has only been a few weeks since we posted both of them. You know, the ones that almost got the Best Buy employee fired? The ones that made him rethink his career path? Yeah, those videos. Well, they just got potentially a lot more interesting.

Paramount Pictures has just contacted us, asking if we can put them in contact with the creator of the videos, Brian Maupin. Indeed we can. We’ve been talking to him since the videos went up. Sure, we could email him, but this post just seems easier.

So Brian Maupin of Kansas City, Missouri, come on down! It may be time for your close-up. Here’s the email from Paramount:


Do you have contact info for Brian Maupin who did the EVO vs iPhone bit?  Ever since we saw it on TechCrunch, we at Paramount are obsessed with it – and wanted to get in touch.

Thanks so much in advance.

When Maupin is directing Mission: Impossible 5, I just hope he remembers how it all began…