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Flirtomatic raises $9m in Series C round from Nauta Capital and existing investors

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Mobile social network Flirtomatic (“the world’s number one flirting company”) today announced that it has raised $9 million in Series C funding from Nauta Capital and existing investors Doughty Hanson, Seraphim Capital and Chairman Avi Azulai. This brings the total capital raised to $17 million.

The London-based company says it will use the new investment to “further its growth across Europe and the US”, and in particular focus on its co-marketing efforts with partners, which include AT&T, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, and T-Mobile.

Flirtomatic has also signed a distribution deal with a “multi-national operator”, which saw the mobile social network for young adults launch across eight countries under a single payment and billing system, says the company, although it isn’t saying who.

Flirtomatic claims 2.5 million users in the US and UK, and recently launched its iPhone, iPod touch and Android apps, while it will make a native version available for Blackberry this summer and will soon launch on Symbian via Nokia’s Ovi Store too. The company generates revenue through ads and the sale of virtual and real-world goods.

  • Shalin

    What does this company do!? “the world’s number one flirting company” how?

    • Steve O'Hear

      It’s a mobile social network where people flirt with one another.

      • Shalin

        not sure if that was sarcastic but i got that part. im curious what the catalyst to flirt is.

        do u just sign on and give random people virtual gifts?

      • Steve O'Hear

        I wasn’t being sarcastic, no. Basically you browse and search profile, a bit like conventional dating sites I guess, and then you can send them virtual gifts or pay for other premium services that extend features or give you greater access. Very mobile-focused too (iPhone, Android etc.).

  • Daniel Brante

    I dont understand how they could have gotten $17M in funding with “only” 2M users? Plus, their offering is pretty much the same as other similar dating websites. Could anyone explain the attractiveness in this product?


    • Steve O'Hear

      I suspect it’s the level of engagement of users AND the conversion rates to premium services/virtual goods. That’s what the VCs are betting on along with actual scale.

      • Daniel Brante

        Thanks for your reply.
        Isnt it also so that the dating market is incredibly hot right now and that many VCs want go get in? No matter if the site itself has a new functionality? Finding someone is a human need and I guess that will always be in demand.

        Its surprising though that not more dating sites go to new and evolving markets…

  • Ziad Salloum

    Does anyone want to invest in something like ?
    If so please let me know. Thx

  • Ryan

    Looks like the investors did a ton of due diligence! I got a malware warning when I tried to load the site…

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