Report: Next-gen iPad to have OLED screen, smaller screen sizes

The 3,000,000+ iPads sold say it best: people want and love the iPad. Apple’s next generation, however, will clearly define Apple’s future plans for the device though. According to a Digitimes report, there are two smaller sizes in the works — 5.6-inch and 7-inch — which if true, states that Apple is going to ride this gravy train to the bank. Smaller sizes, and perhaps even larger ones, show that Apple’s going to full explore the tablet market. Some of the sizes will likely sell better than others, eventually letting the market decide the best sizes while Apple rakes in the cash.

The report also states that the next-gen models will use OLED screens, although considering the recent shortage seems a bit strange. Samsung, an OLED manufacturer themselves, is having issues securing enough panels for even their devices and other companies like HTC have starting using inferior LCD screens rather than waiting out the drought. But the next iPads are probably a ways off, anyway.